Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bryn's Birthday

We had a little birthday party for Bryn while we were in Utah. It was just with my parents and siblings, but it was fun and Bryn was in heaven with all the attention. We did her favorite things: dancing, running in circles, doing "tricks", and building towers. Fun for all! Running in circles Building towers
Here is Bryn sporting her new purse and glasses from Rie and the ultimate party hat from Grandma Tueller. And of course, wolfing down her cake!
I can't believe Bryn is two already! This is the cutest age and I couldn't love her more!


JS said...

Happy birthday! How fun! It looked amazing!

Michelle Nguyen said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Bryn! Love the first pic! So cute!

Diana Hulme said...

This is so cute...I love that it wasn't some crazy production, instead it was all her favorite things...that's the way parties should be! :) I love the hats, too. And the invitations were so cute!

Karen said...

What fun! So many fun adventures await!