Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

I turned 24 this week, and had such a GREAT day! Normally my birthdays are pretty low key, but this year was busy and so much fun. I LOVE these cute little signs that Josh and Bryn made me. Bryn was SO excited for my birthday to come. She burst into my room in the morning and said "Happy Birthday Mom!!! Tada!!!!" Josh made me a yummy breakfast before he left for work, and then I opened a few packages from my parents, sibs, and extended fam. Thank you, thank you! Bryn wanted to spend ALL day with me on my birthday, so she skipped her nap (her idea) and played with me all day. I went to lunch with one of my best friends, and then we bumped into our friend Renee (above), who owns the cupcake shop "For Goodness Cakes" at Bella Terra. While the kids ran around, we chatted and stuffed our cheeks with Renee's delicious cupcakes. Perfect afternoon! And then, just when you thought it couldn't get any friends surprised me and took me to dinner. As you can tell, it was pretty exciting! It was like Christmas morning. Times ten.
Love Panera. Love these girls.
More eating?? Your birthday only comes once a year! After dinner, my uncle Mark and our friend Dede came over to have my favorite berry birthday cake with Josh and I.
And theeeeeen....the next night Josh and I went on a fancy schmancy birthday date to see Tangled. (Cute movie!). So really, it was the best birthday ever. So fun! Thanks to my family and friends for making it so great.


Diana Hulme said...

Happy Birthday, Lar! So glad you got treated right. :) How fun to have your friends surprise you!

Jessica F. said...

That is the best birthday EVER! You deserve it!

Whitney Johnson said...

oh my gosh what a fun day! happy [belated] birthday! :)

Bliss said...

That sounds SO fun :) Yay for meaningful birthdays spent with those you love! Happy Birthday!