Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Birds and a Giraffe

A few months ago Josh and I commissioned my twelve-year-old brother Logan to make two bird drawings for Brynlee's room. We absolutely love the drawings and Bryn loves pointing to them and saying "tweet tweet tweet".
But the story doesn't end there. Logan took the money we paid him and made a trip to the local toy store. To buy himself a toy? No, to buy Brynlee a toy: a stuffed giraffe (her favorite animal as of late.) Bryn LOVES her new "Raff" and is so happy to swing it around by its neck and give it "loves".


Gloria said...

How fun to have artwork by her Uncle!! AND that's so sweet that he bought her a giraffe with the money!! :)

clarke fam said...

So cute!

Jae said...

I'm intrigued by how much Log's birds look like Ashley Christensen's work. birdsofashmae.blogspot.com, I think.

Diana Hulme said...

I LOVE the birds! Great job, Logan! We may need to commission him for our home someday. What a great uncle to get something with the money for Bryn...love it.

By the way, I showed your blog posts about your quiet book to a friend who's doing her own...hope you don't mind. :) She was super impressed (as I am!).