Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slip 'n Slide

Our neighbors set up a fun slip 'n slide yesterday. Bryn was loving it! She's totally a natural!!! Right, Natalie!? .......Actually the cold hose water was a bit of a shock for her, and we are horrible parents for sending her down twice. But Bryn has since forgiven us.
We took Bryn inside after a little while, but then she was glued to the window, watching the fun below. I love our neighbors!


Natalie said...

so cute!!! She totally loved it (just keep saying that, she won't remember when she gets older!) I love having Brynlee around to entertain my kids all the time.

Alli Jensen said...

Ok. There have been some funny child moments on this blog, but this tops them all. Those chubby legs pointing straight up, and the "I'm not sure about this" face to follow?