Saturday, April 17, 2010


I just finished this little skirt for Bryn. I'm trying to use up old fabric/supplies and cut down my little "craft" budget, so this fabric is leftover from random past projects. I started it at "Project Night" a few nights ago, thinking it would be a quick hour-long project. But it look me way too long to finish it. I decided I need to start using PATTERNS! Then I won't have to figure things out, I can just follow the pattern and sew!
One more project I can check off from my list of unfinished/not-even-started projects!


Kristy said...

the skirt looks awesome Laura!!!

Jen Scott said...

It turned out so good! I love the orange flower. It really adds to it!

Can't wait to see Brynlee in it!

Autie said...


Diana Hulme said...

stop it. you are amazing. you whipped that thing out with your bare hands with no pattern? you are on an amazing creative level.