Friday, April 23, 2010


Who needs a maid when you have your own Cinderella to wash your floors!?
I have so much to learn as a mom/homemaker. And I've been realizing that more and more lately. One challenge for me is keeping the house clean with Bryn (a.k.a. the "Tornado") whirling around all day. I was reminded of how my mom involved us in the housework from a young age. When we were young*, we loved cleaning the floors, dusting, sweeping with a mini broom, windexing the glass doors, even cleaning bathrooms (with mini yellow gloves), etc. (*The turn-it-into-a-game method didn't work as well when we were teenagers).
So I'm starting it with Bryn, and her new favorite thing is now "scrubbing" the floors. It's like a funny game to rub the wet rags across the floor. And it holds her attention for so long! Instead of rushing to do all my cleaning while Bryn naps, I can involve her and make it a game... a breakthrough discovery for me! Ha ha.
(Of course, she won't be involved in cleaning that requires strong/dangerous-if-swallowed soaps).


Jae said...

Who loved cleaning all the time? I can't think of anyone who fits that description. You have severely idealized our childhood.

Jae said...
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Diana Hulme said...

still laughing about this cute!!! :)