Sunday, January 31, 2010

Projects with Marie

One of the best parts about being home over the holidays was crafting with my little sister Marie. She is super creative, super stylish, and all in all amazing. I was drooling over all her handmade accessories. She taught me how to do two simple projects. (1) Floral Headband You can sew the fabric flowers/ruffles to an elastic headband or a ribbon, which I did. Marie does lots of varieties and uses some of the ribbon kind as belts under cardigans, etc.
(2) Anthro-inspired Necklace
You can do it all one color or vary it. Or you could attach a ribbon instead of a chain.
We also made some handmade coptic bound books, but I didn't take pictures.
So fun to have an amazing sister. Everyone should have one.
Thanks Rie! Can't wait to craft with you again!


Jae said...

Don't forget all those crafts you and I made!

Jen Scott said...

I love them all! I love the making of a accessories ?assessories? It is late I cannot be responsible for misspelled words

Emily said...

Those are SO cute! You have to share details about how you made them!

It's impossible for a real smile to be too cheesy. You just look so happy!


Diana Hulme said...

this looks like an anthro catalogue. i want a ruffly belt. uh oh...i see all the things on my to-do list getting shoved down to make room for this at the top.