Monday, January 4, 2010

Hawkins Parties

We were able to get together with Josh's family a couple times while we were in Utah...
This is my favorite picture! Little Bryn loved talking with her Grandma Hawkins. Hanging out with Halle and Eliza. Someday we'll live closer to Bryn's twenty Hawkins cousins!
Acting out the Nativity on Christmas Eve. Bryn was just an extra.
Grandma Hawkins gave Bryn these cute pink slippers
Playing games
Reading books by the fire.
I LOVE going to Josh's parent's home because it's out in the country with beautiful, open space. It's so relaxing to cuddle up in their comfy chairs by the fireplace, after a good meal!
I love Josh's family and I wish we could have spent even more time together!

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