Monday, January 4, 2010

One Year Old

Bryn doesn't waste any time removing her hair clip. Then trying to eat the hair clip.
Smiling at her toys
And finally smiling at the camera. Good girl.
Bryn's first birthday was on Dec 30th. Here is Brynlee at one year old:
-Loves pretty much any food we eat. Especially pasta, cheese, and pancakes
-Is a very confident walker and climber, which makes church/errands/parties quite difficult because Bryn takes off and wants to explore.
-Loves to cuddle and "give loves" where she lays her head on our shoulder, her blankies, toys, furniture, etc.
-Is good at doing "nice touch" to off-limit things, instead of tearing, ripping, and tipping over like she did earlier on. -Always tries to put things in our mouths, like her fingers, toys, pacifier, or soggy food from her mouth. Then she giggles when I shake my head and say "yucky." (Fifty times a day).
-LOVES having books read to her or looking at books on her own.
-Not really talking much, but she can understand certain words and simple commands. Like "sit", "stay", and "roll-over". The dog commands are a joke. But you knew that. -She's a beautiful, happy, smart, silly child and we love, love, love her. What a joy this first year has been for us. It has been amazing to watch her develop and learn new things everyday. How blessed we are to be Bryn's parents!


Jessica F. said...

What a cutie! I love that you have a picture from each month. That is such a great idea!

Sarah K said...

Hi! I just randomly found your blog off of a mutual friends and love to see how people from high school changed! What a DARLING little girl you have! She is precious! Hope you are doing well! said...

lar! i'm so sad we missed you while you were out...hopefully we'll see you sometime soon!