Monday, November 2, 2009

New York, New York

This email was just sent to all my siblings. Subject line: Dealing with Adversity Dear Ones, Many if not all of you may find yourselves troubled and very unsettled by the untimely events of this evening. These moments can break a man (or woman) or make them even stronger. Don't worry about Tex. He'll hit one out in NY. We want to celebrate a win with "New York, New York" blasting all over the stadium and also to have all those policeman on ponies trotting around. It would be best to win a world series at home in the first year of the new stadium. So, fret not little ones - all will be well. I look forward to cracking open a little cider Wednesday night! Dad I love my Dad. And I love the Yankees. And I'm really sad I won't be with my fam to bang pots and pans when the Yankees win the World Series in two days.

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