Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decor under $10

I previously had zero christmas decorations. So I got a few things this year to make our house seem more Christmasy.
And of course we hung our stockings, too. Someday we'll actually have a mantle to hang them on!
Green chargers (set of 4): $1.25 at Target
Pinecones (big bag): $2.50 at Michaels with coupon
Berry garland (two strands): $2.00 each at Michaels
Red bead garland: $3.00 at Michaels
Round, glass vase (fish bowl?): $1.00 at Goodwill
Red ceramic bowls, glass hurricane, green bottles, balls of woven twigs (whatever those are called?): free, gathered from around the house.
Christmas tree: oh wait, we don't have one! (and probably won't this year)
Total: $9.75
Nothing too fancy, but perfect for our little budget...and our little apartment.


clarke fam said...

Cute decorations, but no Christmas tree, really? They are like 10 dollars for a little one. Brynlee would love it!!

The Colemans said...

I know how that goes, except Noah's dad has supplied our apartment with Noah's Ark inspired decorations complete with Christmas tree and advent calendar. :)