Saturday, November 21, 2009

All is Well

We've had some electrical issues this weekend. Our power is now back on, but only sort of. The overhead lights work, but lamps only light to a dim flicker, the oven and stove are dead, and all the sockets have very weak, flickering power. And the electrician can't come til Monday or Tuesday. Oh brother. Oh, and we can't get any hot water. I didn't mind my cold shower, but Bryn certainly wasn't excited about taking an ice bath tonight! So we scooped her out of the tub, wrapped her bare, little body in a blanket, and zipped to my uncle Mark's home down the road. Brynlee had a warm, lengthy bath. And all is well. (Well, until tomorrow morning when we get ready for church without hot water or power for a blow dryer. Scary. And of course it's my week to teach in Relief Society. Ha ha. My options are the slick, wet look or sleeping in sponge curlers for the permed afro look. Tough decision.)
But seriously how can I complain about anything when I have such a little sweetie...who gets so giddy in the bath that she slaps her wet little hands on my legs.


Brandi said...

Please take a picture of your hair. I am dying to see what you came up with. Maybe you could do two french braids down the sides. I'm sure you will look awesome.

Jamie said...

Same thing happened to us once. I filled the bath with the cold water - and then boiled a few huge post of water - I poured the boiling water into the bath - and it turned into a nice warm bath.