Monday, November 30, 2009

Eleven Months

Miss Brynlee did not want to get dressed, did not want to let go of the books she was "reading", and certainly did not want to sit still and pose for pictures! So here are the four pictures I got before Bryn dove off the chair and refused to get back on.
At eleven months, Brynlee....
*is curious, frisky, and silly
*eats most table foods, but especially loves bananas, yogurt, homemade mac and cheese, lasagne(minus the beef), and turkey pot pie (minus the turkey).
*claps her hands at everything, dances when she hears music, and walks around the house at such a quick pace!
*loves to climb up stairs, play on the playground, go on walks, follow the neighborhood kids around the grassy courtyard, and touch all the trees and bushes in our neighborhood.
*sleeps like a champ. She loves her crib and goes down without a fuss.
*loves to squeeze her blankets and stuffed animals, loves to cuddle and "wrestle", and loves to sit on our laps. *Is getting better at communicating and imitating the words and animal sounds we make.
We LOVE her.

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