Thursday, June 12, 2008

One day down, lots more to go!

Well, my handsome husband took off early yesterday morning for his summer internship in Newport Beach, CA. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't crying -- keeping in mind I'll be a widow until the end of August, but I'm actually doing quite well now. Here are 10 things that are making me happy:

(1) Knowing that our little Acura is better than we thought. I was sure it was going to break down on the long, hot drive to CA. It had no problems, though!

(2) Multiple phone calls and texts from Josh. It reminds me of our engagement when we couldn't see each other every day.

(3) Gala apples.

(4) Clear skies with a slight breeze.

(5) Walking to school. I love being outside and moving and having some time to think. (We'll see if I still feel this way after being car-less for the rest of the summer!)

(6) The Visiting Teaching program.

(7) PB & J's with chunky peanut butter, my mom's homemade strawberry jam, and Macey's white bread. I know, I know, white bread is evil. I hadn't bought it in years, but I just bought a loaf and it's so yummy for PB & J's. It reminds me of being a little kid. (What brought on my sudden craving for white bread? Having about 5 big slices of Becky's yummy homemade white bread at the Hawkins BBQ on Monday. YUM)

(8) Listening to John Mayer.

(9) "Tight-rope-walking" along the street curbs on my way to class.

(10) Counting down the days until July 18th, when I'll be flying to California to visit Josh and to celebrate our anniversary. Definitely a happy thought!

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