Sunday, June 22, 2008


Josh is doing so well in California. He drove from Utah to Alameda to visit Jen and Jim and their four cute kids. Josh had never been to their home and they've been in Alameda for years. It was such a treat for Josh to spend a few days with them.
He then drove down to Huntington Beach, where he'll be staying until the end of August. He's living with my single uncle, Mark -- who has been soo generous to Josh. Josh has had such a blast living with Mark, and it's only been the first week.

This is Mark's neighborhood. His apartment is only a half mile inland from Huntington Beach. What a perfect location! Josh is loving it. He's gone on nightly runs along the nice paved beach trail. He's looking to get a bike down there, so he can go on bike trips with Mark. Josh spent the day at the beach yesterday playing volleyball with Mark and his friends. When I talked to him at night Josh, Mark, and a friend of Mark's had just made huge chocolate banana shakes for themselves after a long day in the sun. They also went to Pei Wei for dinner....I'm so jealous. I love, love, love that place! It was soo good to hear Josh laughing with Mark and having such a great time. I'm really glad Josh is so happy out there.

He also began work this week. He absolutely loves it and is so grateful for the internship. He loves the company and the people he works with. A highlight of the week was meeting Bill Gross, PIMCO's CEO or Managing Director or something like that. The New York Times has titled him "the nation's most prominent bond investor." His net worth is about 1.3 billion dollars. Not bad. Josh said Bill was really funny and laid back, despite his huge reputation on Wall Street. (To be honest, I could walk past Bill Gross on the street and not even recognize him....but this was a big deal for Josh. I guess you have to be a Finance major.)

Another highlight of the week was going to an Angel's game with his department at work. He's the one on the left with the longer hair. It didn't take long for him to grow out his California shag! Ha ha.

I'd give you an update on my post spring-term life in Provo, but it's not quite as eventful as Josh's internship in California. Although, I am going to the Lehi Rodeo this weekend and that should be blog-worthy! Giddeup!

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