Thursday, June 19, 2008


DONE!!! With BYU's Spring term, that is. What a relief! It's been a really busy term, and boy does spring term move fast. The fast past was good for only one reason: I only had to have physical science on my mind for two months, rather than a full semester. And that's a blessing.

This also marks the end of my general education courses at BYU. This is also a huge relief. I just have one more semester til graduation, and it should be nice. I'm taking 4 open-studio art classes and a Greek philosophy class that was recommended to me. Not bad, huh? I'll have my final art show in October, and the rest of the semester will be a breeze. I'm so close to the end...and I can't wait to be done! I know, I know, it's still 6 months away, but I'm close. And now I've just got one more term behind me.

Now that I'm done with school for the summer, I can hopefully get on with some fun summer things -- that will make for much more exciting blog posts! Stay tuned.

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