Friday, June 3, 2016


Here are a few snapshots from our May...
Warm weather and lots of outside playtime for these two
 Sometimes Tate tries to follow along during our family scripture study :)
 Tate loves to wrestle and his biggest target is Mya. He attacks her all throughout the day. Luckily she thinks it's hilarious.
 Tate also loves to be cuddly and give hugs.
 Mother's Day with my little crew
 Bryn's Mother's Day card to me (pig nose!?) and the yummy salmon tacos Josh made for Mother's Day dinner
 Fun in the backyard
 Mya loves cheese. She was so happy when we were playing Headbanz and she got the cheese card! Speaking of cheese, Mya has a really weird favorite sandwich: swiss cheese and peanut butter!? Most days I don't let her have it, but occasionally she begs hard enough for me to give in. Such a strange combo!
 Bryn's choral concert
 Some paintings I worked on during May and a close-up of a cute little drawing that Mya did this month. 
 Best friends!
 Tate knows the computer is off-limits, so he feels extra sneaky when he climbs onto the computer chair. When I hear giggles from the front room it's often because he's spinning on the computer chair.
He is busy busy busy at this stage, so he keeps us on our toes!
 Park time
 Mya loves to pose and loves to accessorize
 Tate spends so much time perched in the window seal watching the neighbor boys play basketball. It's really cute. But it's also the cause of the constant handprints on our window :)
 My girls loves a good, silly "selfie" session.
 Homework is more fun when it's done outside.
 Josh is usually pounced on when he comes home from work, especially after a business trip! These three kids love their dad!
And I love Tate's sweet little face.
 Bryn's first grade class put on a little play last week. She was a narrator.
She has loved her class and her little friends this year.
  Josh was gone for the last week of May and we missed him! (Most work trips are only 2-4 days). The day he got home he took the girls to Target and they picked out a handful of water guns then came home and had a big water fight. 
Tate got sprayed a few times and got scared, so he and I just sat in the shade and watched Josh, Bryn, and Mya chase each other all over the yard.
Good times!

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