Thursday, June 2, 2016


A few snapshots from our April...
 General Conference! One of our favorite times of year, when we get to hear from the Prophet and the leaders of our church.
 We tried a new snack idea during conference that the girls had fun with. After each talk if they could tell me one thing they liked from the talk then they got to choose a snack. Bryn and Mya had a lot of fun with this.
 Harvesting honey with our good friends the Thomases.
 Fun night!
 Two of Tate's favorite things (besides his Ninja Turtle pajamas) are brushing his teeth, with which ever toothbrush he can grab, and "helping"  me bake.
Our friends the Kolstes came to visit! These were some of our dear friends from Dartmouth. It was so great to catch up and for the kids to run around together like the old days. 
 Watching to the Nature Center in Watchung
 These girls are such good pals.
 Bryn and Mya waiting on the curb for Josh to come home from work.
Tate's favorite thing is to be outside and to be riding his little scooter. 
 In the middle of dinner these two announced "Hey! Let's take pictures of ourselves and send them to dad!" (Josh was on a work trip). I love these two cuties.
 This is what happens when the girls dress themselves and do their own hair and accessories. 
 Tate is a messy boy most of the week, but he cleans up pretty nicely on Sundays.
 Tate loves, loves, loves to "read" books to himself. He also loves wearing hats and sneaking into the girls' room to flip through their chapter books. 
 Bryn and Mya are constantly drawing and Tate has now started to follow their example. He spends time at this little drawing desk every day and gets in trouble all the time for scribbling over his sisters' precious drawings. 
One more pic of Mya doing her thing (with marker on her nose) and of Bryn casually flipping through a beloved American Girl catalog on a sunny afternoon.
I love this family of mine and the simple joys of  motherhood. 

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