Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bring Your Child to Work Day

In April Bryn was so thrilled to take the train into New York City with Josh and attend "Bring Your Child to Work" day at Josh's company. She had been looking forward to this day for months and it did not disappoint! She loved meeting Josh's assistant and lots of his co-workers, and getting to see what her dad does at work all day. One of the assistants took lots of pictures (below), so it was fun for me to see what Bryn was up to...

 It was an Olympics themed day and they had a lot of fun activities and service projects. 
 Josh had fun leading one of the sessions.
 I reeeeeally want to know what Josh was talking about here :)

 Josh's company is located on Broadway, right in Time Square, so the view of NYC is fabulous.
 All the kids made these home-made lava lamps. 

 Ha ha! I get a feeling that this is what Bryn looks like at school most of the time!

 One of the service projects was putting together gift bags and cards for under-privileged children in NYC. 

 I spy "Brynlee Hawkins" on the screen.
Some of Josh's co-workers had to dress up as Olympic athletes, which Bryn thought was really funny.
I think Bryn will always remember this fun day in NYC at work with Josh. 

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