Friday, June 3, 2016

Dance Recital

Bryn and Mya had their dance recital in May and it was so fun to watch these two cuties on the stage. This was Bryn's second year of dance and Mya's first year. I was a bit nervous how Mya would do since she is so shy, but she did great! Both girls had such a good time and felt so fancy and special to be all dressed up and on stage in front of everyone.
 At the dress rehearsal

At the end of her dance Mya had to go to the center of the stage on her own and wave and blow a little kiss. She was brave and it was so cute!
Bryn had a part of her dance where she and another girl went to the center of the stage and did a little dance on their own. She did great!
 Bowing in the finale
Flowers for the little dancers
 Days like this are so fun as a parent! 

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