Thursday, May 5, 2016

Road Trip Day 6: More of Charleston, South Carolina

 On our second day in Charleston we planned to play at Folly Beach, but unfortunately it was a rainy day. Oh well! Instead, we lounged in our hotel (we don't have TV/netflix at home, so the girls really enjoyed watching some shows), swam at the pool, shopped at the outlet mall near our hotel, and then found a movie theater that had $3.00 movie tickets... unheard of in New Jersey! So we saw Zootopia and it was great.
 Also on Day 2 in Charleston, I was able to check out the Redux Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Charleston. It was such a treat to visit Blakely Little, Teil Duncan, and Lulie Wallace's art studios, which are all at Redux. These three paintings are Blakely's, from a show currently on display.

 The highlight of Redux was talking with Lulie Wallace (one of my very favorite current artists) about her artwork and the challenge of balancing art and motherhood. Her cute little Edy was in the studio with her, just hanging out in her baby carrier. Lulie is an awesome role model at being a devoted mama, but also killing it in the art studio. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity :)
After Redux gallery, we hopped in the car and had a long stretch of driving from Charleston to Richmond, VA.

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