Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Road Trip Day 2: Raleigh, North Carolina

 We slept in Raleigh on Saturday night and then spent the first half of Sunday there. We went to church at 9 am, made sandwiches in the car, then popped into a couple free museums near our church building. Our first stop was to the North Carolina Museum of Art. It was such a great collection of art... I can't believe it is free to the public!
 Louise Nevelson (love this one)
 Robert Motherwell
 Jean Helion
 Frank Stella
Anselm Keifer
 Ledelle Moe
This was one of my favorite pieces. It is by a South African artist that I wasn't familiar with. The piece is called "Congregation". It is a grouping of hand-carved faces, each one unique. The color and texture varies, depending on the region and country where Moe mixed concrete from local sand.
 El Anatsui
Bryn loved this piece, made from discarded aluminum and copper wire.
This is the whole reason we came to this museum... so that I could admire a Diebenkorn painting in person. Richard Diebenkorn is one of my all-time favorite artists but he's rarely in the big museums. The NCMA had two of his paintings on display, so that was a treat.
When we came to this Diebenkorn corner and Josh noticed who the artist was and, without me saying anything to him, he knew I would want a minute "alone" with the paintings, so he whisked the kids to the next gallery and let me stare at the paintings for a minute. Husband of the year! He knows me well.
 This was my favorite paintings of the two.
Aaron Douglas
I liked this "Harriet Tubman" painting. 
 Thomas Moran
 Andrew Wyeth
 Georgia O'Keeffe
A landscape painting by Georgia O'Keeffe!? That's a first for me.
 George Bellows
 John George Brown
 Eugene Boudin
 Claude Monet
 Albin Egger-Lienz
 Hans Thoma
 Max Slevogt
 Darn, I can't remember this artist.
 Matthias Storm
Next we stopped by the free North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It was a beautiful, huge museum with lots of fun and informative exhibits. 
Lots of dino bones. 

This science museum was the equivalent of the art museum for me. He loves animals, dinosaurs, and nature stuff. He had to get a picture with this giant sloth skeleton and a selfie with this brontosaurus/brachiosaurus/whatever it is. I love Josh :)
 The girls in a dino footprint.
 I don't have pictures to do it justice, but the butterfly room was so cool. We loved it!

Mya loved the snakes and butterflies
More snakes
A super creepy "Goliath Birdeater" tarantula, and a blurry picture of one of the sharks.
 A little whale skeleton
In addition to the cool art museum and science museum, we just loved driving around Raleigh and through North Carolina. What a beautiful area! We wished we could have spent even more time in North Carolina, but after the museums we headed down to Savannah, Georgia. More on that later...

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