Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Road Trip Day 3: Savannah, Georgia

We spent two nights in Savannah, Georgia and we loved it! What a lush, beautiful city.
We started out by walking through Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah. It was a really pretty park. We loved all the huge trees... I think they're called "Spanish Moss"? So pretty!

 Bryn takes her wish-making so seriously. She needed a moment alone to make a wish and throw her coin in the fountain. I don't know what she wished for, but I'm guessing it was something about getting an American Girl doll :)

There are two nice parks at Forsyth Park and the kids had a lot of fun playing on them.
 Tate exactly like Bryn was at this age: overly confident, so active, a wanderer and explorer, pretty strong and good at climbing, but also gets himself into dangerous predicaments. Here we go again!
This was such a fun morning at the park, letting the kids play and enjoying beautiful Savannah. 

 After the park we wandered around historic Savannah and popped into the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. 
It was really ornate and beautiful inside. 
 I loved walking through the town and admiring all the great architecture and the greenery. 

 We had lunch at Goose Feathers Cafe and then wandered around the charming city market. 
 After lunch we checked out the Oatland Island Wildlife Center, about ten minutes from downtown Savannah. We loved it! It was so lush and pretty and we loved seeing all the animals. 

Checking out the gators. 
Three of the gators
 We enjoyed the animal exhibits - like the bald eagles - but we also liked seeing all the lizards and other critters running around. 
 Josh and Bryn had way too much fun catching these little lizards.
 Cutie cute Tate (with his unfortunate hair cut from a few days before. Oops!)

 We had fun feeding the catfish and turtles and watching them fight over the food. (The catfish won).
The cougar was on the far corner of his exhibit and then he popped up and came right up to the girls. They were so giddy about it. 
 The trails and walkways were so pretty. 
Tate was such a champ in the stroller for so long. Luckily, there were enough cool animals and things to keep him entertained. 

 These two are such good buddies. They had such a great time searching for lizards and bugs. 

 After the wildlife center we met up with Josh's dad and five of my father-in-law's siblings. It was so fun to catch up with them! It's a crazy story about how we met up: We hadn't heard about their trip to Georgia and they hadn't heard about our road trip, but after they saw one of our facebook posts about Savannah they realized we were both in the same place so we met up! I still can't believe we just happened to meet up in Savannah, Georgia - of all places!
 We had dinner at a fun place called Treylor Park. My fried shrimp salad was really good. This was only one of the many fried meals I had while in the south! :)
It was so fun for our kids to see one of their grandpas!
Aunt Pat, Uncle Kimball, Aunt Suzanne, Uncle John, Uncle Matt, Grandpa Hawkins, and Josh
Such a great group! I married into such a terrific Hawkins family.
After dinner we did a little more exploring of cute Savannah and ended up at the famous Leopold's Ice Cream parlor. 

Yep, we loved it.
Tate was a fan.
And we ended the day with a little family swim time at the hotel.
It was such a fun day in Savannah.

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