Thursday, January 14, 2016

Family Christmas Sleepover

 First of all, Mya's expression in that picture above is cracking me up :)
The weekend before Christmas we had our annual family sleepover under the Christmas tree. It's a fun tradition that our kids love.
 We started off by opening new pajamas. Tate wouldn't stand still for a picture, so the only "group" shot we got was Josh squeezing them all together and lifting them off the ground :)
We made Christmas-tree brownies, kind of by accident! We were just going to make regular brownies, but then Bryn and I noticed the left-over frosting and candy from our Gingerbread party and quickly turned our brownies into Christmas trees with pretzel trunks and ice cream snow. Bryn's creativity always comes in handy in situations like this. Yum.
 In past years we have watched the classic Grinch movie and the old Rudolph/Abominable Snowman movies. This year we watched the Polar Express. 
After the movie we moved our beds from in front of the TV to in front of the Christmas tree and then we said goodnight and fell asleep listening to Bryn and Mya's chattering and giggles.