Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Eve

 We spent Christmas Eve with some of our good friends from church: the Thomas family, Hibbs family, Comparetto family, and the Ure family. We always miss family at Christmas time, but thank goodness for dear friends who feel like family! I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few blurry pictures to document a few parts of the fun night. 
 Bryn and Mya being silly during the candy game.
 Bryn was the angel in the Nativity just like last year. This year she added a fur coat to her angel costume to add a little more drama to her role. 
I love these cute kids that my children get to be friends with.
 Laps full of sweet kids who feel more like nieces and nephews. 
 Maddie loves babies and somehow put Tate into a trance. He never cuddles like this with anyone besides Josh and I, but somehow Maddie got him to lay on her lap for a long time. 
 Afterwards we put the kids to bed and got ready for Christmas. After many years of girly gifts at Christmas, Josh was so pleased that Santa brought a basketball hoop this year. I think Josh has used it as much as the kids have :)

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