Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bryn's 7th Birthday

Bryn turned 7 at the end of December and it was her "best birthday yet!" We normally do birthday parties every other year and it was her year for a party, but her birthday is a few days after Christmas and so planning a birthday party is never that appealing. So we made a deal: Instead of a party Bryn could have a special NYC day with Josh and get a Bitty Baby at the American Girl store on 5th Ave. Luckily, Bryn jumped at our proposal, so that's what we did...
The day before her birthday Josh and Bryn rode the train into New York City, spent over an hour at the American Girl store (all three floors of goodness!), got lunch at Shake Shack, and then rode the train home. Josh said Bryn was in heaven the entire time.
She had been saving up her money and anxiously awaiting the day she could get one of these dolls. Dreams come true!
So, so giddy with her new doll. She was killing us with her theatrics.
All set!
On her actual birthday we celebrated with her favorite pancake breakfast and a day full of playing with her Bitty Baby.

Happy Birthday to you!
 Bryn on her birthday, ages 1-6
 Oh, we love you, Bryn.

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Wenni Donna said...

Hey, this 7th birthday party was tremendous. These pink decorations took my heart. My little princess is also a great fan of pink parties so I also hosted a blushing pink-spa party for her 12th birthday. I reserved the most beautiful event venue NYC for her birthday bash.