Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Gingerbread Men

In December we had our third annual Gingerbread party with friends. This year the Egans and Thomases joined us in decorating (and eating!) gingerbread men.
I use my mom's yummy gingerbread recipe that is so soft and good. I may need a new gingerbread cookie cutter, though- because mine makes very squat, chubby gingerbread that almost look like flowers instead of gingerbread men :)
Some festive toppings
Some of the crew getting started on their cookies
 Bryn and Mya
Tate enjoyed observing the chaos and munching on his gingerbread man.
 Two of the Thomas girls with their creations

 Two of the Egan kids with their creations
 It was a fun and delicious night!

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