Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of my highlights from Philadelphia was visiting the art museum. While the kids were snoozing at the hotel with Josh, I walked to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and had two hours to enjoy some fabulous art.
 Degas | Toulouse Lautrec
Monet | Vuillard

Cezanne | Van Gogh
I loved this painting by Santiago Rusinol.
The composition and colors are so beautiful. 

Chirico | Picasso
 Sargent | Whistler
A close up of the painting above because I can never get enough of Sargent's portraits! 


 Gauguin | de Kooning
Duchamp sculptures
 Mondrian | Frankenthaler
Ellsworth Kelly | Pierre Soulages

Cy Twombly "Fifty Days at Iliam", ten panels with oil, oil crayon, and graphite.

I loved these two pieces of art by Ted Hollman 
The one on the left is the artist's statement about the disintegration of American values; the one on the right doesn't have as deep of a statement, but I think it's just so beautiful!

Rauschenburg | Rothko | Kandinsky
Some of my favorites! 
Such a great night!

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Out Rebound said...

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