Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Philadelphia: Day 2

Day 2 of our Philadelphia trip was just as fun as our first day...
We started the day off right! We walked to the Reading Terminal Market for breakfast- too many delicious choices. We ended up grabbing fruit from one of the produce stands and then getting donuts from Beilers.

Beiler's donuts were really light compared to our favorite Dough donuts from NYC, but we loved Beilers! Our favorite was the cinnamon sugar and the blueberry and apple fritters. Yum.
 Donuts for breakfast!
 I know this is a funny picture to post, but Josh snapped this pic as he watched Miss Mya walk block after block with that little hand on her hip. Go girl!
Philly was full of beautiful and fun sculptures. We loved turning a corner and finding a new fun sculpture everywhere we walked.
After breakfast we headed to the historical sites. The building in the background is Independence Hall.

 We did a tour of Independence Hall and it was really great. Josh and I learned a lot and found it very interesting. 
Bryn and Mya thought the Liberty Bell was the coolest part of the historical stuff. The loved having deep conversations about the founding of our nation :)
Mya's face shows how she felt about doing historical tours all morning!
I love these girls!
 My four favorite people
Tate is thinking "Wahoo! I'm finally out of my stroller!"
Mya and her popped knee + hand on hip. She is following in her sister's footsteps!
There was so many beautiful buildings and architecture in Philadelphia. It's really a neat city. 

One of our favorite things of the trip was an impromptu play time at the Board Game Art Park. It was so fun! There were some "regular" statues on the outer edges, but the main courtyard was filled with giant statues of chess pieces, checkers, dominoes, and monopoly pieces. Josh and I had so much fun running around with the kids and playing tag and hide and seek. I'm sure this will be one of our favorite memories from Philly.

Hide and Seek.
Josh hid in that monopoly wheelbarrow for so long and we couldn't find him. He said it actually had about an inch of stale water inside that he was trying to avoid the whole time he was hiding :) Good times!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, with the famous "Rocky" steps in front.

Mya and Tate had fallen asleep in the stroller by this point, so it was just Brynnie Girl who got to run the Rocky steps up and down. We showed her the clip of Rocky on youtube and she thought it was so cool to run up the stairs, too.
 Bryn had the great idea for this pose :)
The newly built LDS temple and one pic of poor Tate who is constantly poked and prodded by his older siblings. Bryn thought he'd like to wear her hat, but when he didn't react to it she forced a smile out of him.
 We had such a great time in Philadelphia! It's always so fun to slip away from our regular routine and spend family time exploring somewhere new. I love my little crew and our adventures back east. 

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