Monday, December 7, 2015


It's already December, but I'm still catching up with October pictures...
Mya gasped at the mall when she saw "REAL PRINCESS DRESSES!!!!"
At home Mya is all about dressing up and accessorizing. 
 Watching General Conference... such a wonderful treat every April and October.
Tate loves all the "balls" at the Farmer's Market!
Play dates with his little buddy Conrad.
 Two silly sisters who love these fancy swings.
 Two sweet girls and one 33-year-old birthday boy.
This year we carved pumpkins with our neighbors who live on the other half of our duplex. The kids had such a great time!
Mya loves going on walks around the neighborhood as often as I'll let her. Every day, throughout the day, she'll say "Hey Mom! I have a great idea! Let's go for a walk right now!"
Four striped friends, playing well together long enough to snap a picture :)
 Two paintings I did in November. 
The first is based off a Britt Bass painting, the second is a painting for my brother and sister-in-law who got married November 21st.
 And Mr. Tate just doing his thing on the porch.

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