Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tate: 8 Months

Tate is 8 months old today! Here's his 8 month update...
He nurses at 6:30 am, 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, and 8 pm. He also does three "solid" meals with us (generally at 7 am, noon, and 6 pm). For his meals he usually eats baby food with little bits of table food: smashed bananas, watermelon, strawberries, bread, scrambled eggs (his favorite!), avocado, pasta, homemade soups, etc. He also LOVES water. He goes nuts whenever he sees any of us drinking water, begging for a sip from our cup. He drinks little bits of water from his sippy cup, too. He still spits up all day. We're hoping he grows out of it soon - this was about the time that Bryn stopped doing it.
He sleeps from 8 pm to 6:30 am, then takes two naps each day. He generally naps from 8:30-10:00 am and then from 2:00- 4:00 pm. His naps somewhat flexible as we have to run errands and be out and about with friends. We don't swaddle him any more. We just stick him in his crib with his blankie and his pacifier and he falls asleep on his own.
 Tate got 3 new teeth this month, so now he has three teeth on bottom, 2 teeth on top. He had some rough days when the teeth broke through, only napping for 45 minutes max and waking up at 5:45 instead of 6:30 am. I think he might actually have one more tooth about to break through on the bottom, but we'll see! He loves to chew on everything! He puts everything in his mouth, so we've had to baby proof a lot this month. No more barbie shoes on the floor :)
He loves to sit up and play toys. He loves to shimmy around the room and roll from place to place. He gets up on his knees all day, but isn't doing a regular crawl yet. He just rocks back and forth and then does a little army crawl to get around. He also loves to stand up with help. He's super wiggly and he bounces his knees everytime you stand him up. Tate still likes playing in the exersaucer and bounces like crazy in that thing, too. He's definitely more physical and active than Mya was. He reminds us of how Bryn was at this age.
 Tate likes reading books together and giving us cuddles. He loves pulling hair and poking and squeezing our faces. He is getting more and more talkative and loves to babble and squeal. He is a really smiley, happy little guy and we sure love him!
Bryn, Mya, and Tate at 8 months old

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