Friday, July 3, 2015


 Below is the recap on our happenings in June. But first, let's look at how cute Tate looks chilling on that little lawn chair!
Tate's new trick with his pacifier. He thinks it's pretty funny.
 We went on a nature walk, gathered rocks, and then painted them (after getting the idea from cousin Braden).
 My little babe is growing up quick, so I'll take all the cuddles I can get!
 Two sleeping beauties. The second picture is when the two sleeping beauties pricked their fingers on the spinning wheel, of course.
 Our yard is full of so many random fairy houses.
Crazy times. The picture on the right is Bryn or Mya (I can't remember which) and Tate both in that tunnel thing. Poor Tate is bombarded with "love" and he just goes with it.
 Cutie girl proud of her duplo creations
Playdates with the sweet Ure girls
 I love this picture so much because it reminds me of a super fun date that Josh planned for us. We went to the roller skating rink (hilarious and fun) and then we tried out a delicious new-to-us Vietnamese restaurant in Florham Park.
These two are such good buddies. 
 And these two are great buddies, as well. They have played so well these first few weeks of summer. It does my heart good to see them giggling and running around together.
Oh, Tate.
 We've been going to the park about every day, sometimes with cute friends.
Every time Tate is teething he makes this expression with his mouth. He got three new teeth the last week of June, so we saw that expression nonstop. On the right, he is squirrely and cute all the time, but especially after his baths!
 I was gone from the room for a few minutes and in that short time Bryn had gotten out the craft box, made these antennae, and made Tate into "her very own Love Bug".
Two of Mya's favorite things lately are "princess hair" and doing dance moves in front of the mirror.
 The girls love spying on all the deer and bunnies that live in our neighborhood.
One of Bryn and Mya's favorite games is to put tons of buckets and bowls at the bottom of the stairs and then bounce balls down the stairs into the buckets. Random game, but it keeps the girls (and Tate!) entertained. They've also playing marble tracks lately.
 I love our library so much. They had a "Stuffed Animal Sleepover" last week and the girls were so, so giddy about it. Their stuffed animals got to spend the night at the library, then we picked them up the next morning. The librarians were so cute and took photos of the stuffed animals "eating cookies", "doing puzzles" together, and "reading books" in different spots throughout the library. The girls thought it was so fun. 
(At the last minute, Mya got too protective of her stuffed animals to leave any of them at the library, so she took one of Tate's baby toys instead. Ha ha!)
And one last photo of Tate and his chubby little legs doing standing practice.

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