Friday, July 3, 2015

Mya Turns Three!

Our sweet Mya turned three years old on June 26th. She is the kindest, sweetest little girl and we love her so much. She gives the best hugs, loves to snuggle up and read, can draw for hours, has the best laugh, and gets surprisingly loud and sassy when she belts out pop songs or Disney love songs. 
 She wanted a "bright pink cake with bright purple frosting". Cakes are really not my thing, and all that bright purple food coloring gave the frosting a really strong taste. Oops. We kept this cake for Mya, but I ended up making a basic chocolate sheet cake as a back-up since cake #1 was kind of a flop!
 Mya is super into princesses and barbies lately, so this was the dream gift for her. 
(I scored this set for half off at Target a few months ago and have been giddy for Mya to finally get it! Her reaction was kind of anti-climatic, but she has played with these barbies nonstop since her birthday. Success!)
 Jake and Tyra's family joined us for dinner and cake and ice cream. Mya loves her cousins!

Our ward was having a movie night that night, so we ended Mya's birthday with the outdoor movie. It was a great day celebrating our favorite three year old!

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