Thursday, March 5, 2015

Valentine's Day

 We love holidays! 
Bryn and Mya are modeling the loot they got in their Valentines package from grandma. Don't mind the awkward smiles :)
Here are a few things we did to celebrate Valentines Day this year...
 Bryn and Mya helped me make Valentines cookies and decorate lots and lots of hearts and then we did "heart attacks" to some of our friends. One of our favorite Valentine's traditions!
 It was a chilly day and Mya opted to stay home for the actual deliveries, but Bryn was my sneaky little partner.
 We had a playdate with the Egans the day before Valentine's Day and made little creations out of heart-shaped gum drops and toothpicks. 
Bryn's simple valentines for her school class, with Valentines fruit snacks on the back.
We tried out a new art project with paint and contact paper. 
Thanks to my friend Maren for the cute idea!

It isn't unusual for Bryn to wake up before me, sneak downstairs, and make an entire project before I even wake up and realize what she's doing. This was the case with this Valentines banner that she made. I love it! Her sayings are so funny to me, so I wanted to document them for a good laugh down the road. "Lovely Weather", "I love you", "Good to be neighbors", "A hearty year", "Be mine"...
"Lovely lovely valentine", "Love a helper", "Good luck buddy", "A helping hand", "I love the Hawkins"...
"Be mine forever", "I'm wishing you a happy holiday", "Have a good year"...
 "I love your family", "Be my valentine", "Happy Valentines Day", "I love your valentine" :)
 I was feeling sugared-out this year, so we didn't make our usual Valentine's sugar cookies but opted instead for lots of yummy pink smoothies in February.
The girls go nuts for homemade biscuits, so we also made some heart shaped biscuits for breakfast on V-day. (If they look pale and doughy, that because this is before they were baked :) ).
 Is this inappropriate to put on the blog? Ha ha! Bryn drew this picture of Mr. and Mrs. Cupid and used a toothpick for the arrow. I don't even know when she made this, but Josh and I found it on her desk one night and got a good laugh out of it. I don't know where she learned about Cupid, but wow...
 Dough Donuts from NYC on Valentine's Day. My favorite!!
(Forget what I said earlier about being sugared-out! These were so good.)
 Hands down the best part of Valentines was Brynlee's homemade Valentines to Mya. She made more and more throughout February and it was the sweetest thing ever.
 I'll end with this cute little note:
"Dear Mya, I love you. You are the sweetest, cutest, best sister ever! Love, Bryn"
Thank you Valentine's Day for bringing a little extra love to our home!

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Ash said...

do you ever stop giggling?? this is so good. love seeing your cute family! also, feel free to post that biscuit recipe... no one will eat the ones i make ;)
love, ashley