Monday, March 2, 2015

Tate's Baby Blessing

Yesterday was a special day for our family as Tate received his baby blessing in church. My heart was so full as I sat with Bryn and Mya on either side of me and listened to Josh give Tate such a beautiful, eloquent blessing. Tate was blessed to be strong and full of charity, to be baptized and live by the guidance of the Holy Ghost, to serve a mission, to get married and have a family, to get a good education and work hard in his profession, and to be an example of virtue and goodness in a world that is becoming more polarized and wicked. (That is the cliff notes version of a few of the things that stuck out to me).
Looking dapper
 I know Tate was the focus of the day yesterday, but I'm also so grateful for this sweet set of sisters.
Bryn and Mya loved that we were all semi-matching in our church outfits!
 We didn't get a great shot of the whole family, but I guess this is the best of the bunch.
(Someone was dancing around trying to make Mya smile, but that idea back-fired because in every single picture all three kids are staring off to the side at that crazy dancing! Oh well...)
 Jake, Josh, and Tate
Jake is Josh's older brother who lives in the neighboring city. He's also the bishop of our ward, so it was great to have he and his family there for the blessing. 
My cousin Cara also lives in another neighboring town, so we were grateful to have her husband Ryan participate in the baby blessing, too. 
Oh, Tate! How grateful I am to be Tate's mother and to have three sweet children in our home. All day I couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for my little family of five.

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Diana Hulme said...

Laura! He looks so big already! What a handsome boy. I think he looks like Jae did as a baby (except maybe a little more chubby cheeks?) :) and you look fabulous for a mama of 3 so soon after birth! xoxo