Thursday, March 5, 2015


 February is always a loooooong month back east. Snow, snow, more snow, freeeezing temps, and lots of cabin fever! But we made it through, and even had a little fun along the way...
Bryn was thrilled to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten. She's majorly in the fairy mood lately, so for her 100-things poster she made this "Jewel Fairy".
 Mya is the puzzle queen
 Tate actually tolerates his tummy time sessions now. Woot woot!
Tate has a major crush on his sweet nieces Leah and Abby
I found Mya just posing in the hallway, so I had to snap a picture.
We escaped a blizzard and joined Jake and Tyra's family at the Lifetime pool.
 Winter time = lots and lots of random projects and creations. 
This was our attempt at a drive-in movie and the girls loved it.
 Cute Mya
 This ice rink is actually our driveway! It's been totally iced over for a month now and we've had some pretty good falls. Our drive way is gravel, so we can never shovel it well. It iced over several weeks ago and it's been so cold lately that it just won't melt (even with ice melt). 
 Just more of cute Mya. This girl loves her dress-up skirts!
 Bryn spends half her time reading and the other half making books of her own. This is a book she wrote about unicorns and I got a kick out of the cover. 
 Bryn is a great help with Tate. She loves to brush his hair and sing to him and he just "coo's" right along with her. 
 My Relief Society had a flower arranging class and it was so fun. The perfect activity on a snowy Saturday!
Breakfast-for-dinner with Jake and Ty's fam.
 Tate loves these sweet cousins!
While Bryn is at kindergarten...
One of Bryn's favorite book series is the "Rainbow Magic" books. She's read over 50 of them (they are short!) and she's now converted Mya! Bryn reads them out loud to Mya and it's pretty cute. This particular day Bryn read an entire book and half of another book in one sitting. And Mya actually sat there for over an hour and listened to the whole thing! She normally doesn't last that long, but it was pretty great!
 Silly girl
Cutest little guy
 Josh traveled a lot in February, including a week in Newport Beach, CA. We did a few video chats with him and showed Mya the beach town that she lived for the first 6 weeks of her life.
 There's nothing better than getting a text from Josh with this pic! Tate loves the baby carrier lately.
One of the big highlights of the month was having the Ovesons stay with us for a night. We used to have game nights with the Ovesons when we were at Dartmouth, so it was wonderful to catch up with them and play games like the old days :)
And let's throw in a few more pics of happy Tate! 
So long, February!

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