Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tate: Four Months Old

Mr. Tate is somehow four months old already! 
He is just getting better and better, happier and happier, and cheesier and cheesier. He has his moments of fussiness or tiredness, but he really is a happy little guy! He smiles easily, coos all day, is starting to laugh (the best!!), and also likes to do these fake cough/sneeze noises when he wants to get our attention. Oh man, we love this guy!
He nurses at 7 am, 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 10 pm. He is a speedy eater, which is nice because his feedings are only 5-10 minutes, but the downside is that he gulps, gulps, gulps, and then spits up a lot. I'm still avoiding dairy and I guess that is helping(?), but Tate still spits up all day every day. Bryn outgrew her crazy spitting-up phase at 8 months, so if Tate is similar to her then we are halfway done with the projectile spit-up! Tate's other eating "issue" is that he's starting to get really distracted when he eats. Sometimes he'll nurse for 3-4 minutes and then all he wants to do is smile and coo, or crane his neck around to find Bryn or Mya, or scratch at my shirt or something. So now when I feed him I try to find the most boring, quiet part of the house and I won't even look him in the eyes or else he'll stop nursing and just want to smile and "chat". It's so funny :)

He definitely gets lots of love and attention from Bryn and Mya. He is sometimes nervous about it, but he actually really loves his sisters and they always get big smiles out of him. 
Other things about Tate at this stage;
He sleeps really well at night. We lay him down around 10:30 or 11 pm and then he goes right to bed and sleeps through the night. Sometimes he wakes up around 5:45 when Josh is getting ready for the day, but he'll just give Tate his pacifier and he'll go back to sleep til I wake up at 7 am.
He naps 3-4 times a day and he's a decent napper. He sleeps better at nights than during his naps, but that's probably because it's hard for him to nap with Bryn and Mya's noisy playing.
What else.... Tate love, love, loves his baths! 
He loves grabbing little toys, shaking things, sucking of anything he can - including his fists and fingers.
He still doesn't love tummy time, but we do it three times a day and he'll usually last 10-15 minutes until he gets cranky about it.
He rolls over every few days. He also shimmies around a lot, rocking his body and gradually rotating his body around to look at new things around the room. He never wakes up in the same spot of the crib where he originally began his nap.
As of this week, he is in the 80th percentile for weight (16 lbs. 3 oz), and his height is the 90th percentile (I can't remember the actual length).
Tate, compared to Bryn and Mya at this age.
We sure love you, Tate!

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