Thursday, January 15, 2015


We had a wonderful Christmas! The girls woke up at their regular time and then burst through the wrapping paper wall and ran downstairs to see if Santa had come. Bryn was really nervous that Santa might not have come (since we don't have a chimney/fireplace) but Mya comforted her by saying "It's okay Brynnie- we can still have cereal!" Bryn ran down the stairs yelling "Presents!" while Mya yelled "Breakfast!". Food is really important to Mya... she takes after her mother!
 Going through their stockings...

I feel really tacky that Santa has shopped on Craigslist two years in a row, but he found this awesome KidKraft dollhouse on craigslist for 1/6 the price of what it sells for online. It's in great shape and came with all the cute wooden furniture, too. Good work, Santa! The girls were so excited about it and they've played with it nonstop since Christmas.
 Tate's first Christmas!
The girls have been asking for Anna and Elsa costumes for the whole year and they finally got them at Christmas. Those are some high quality wigs!
 We joined Jake and Tyra's family for a delicious Christmas brunch. It's always hard to be away from our families on Christmas, so thank goodness that we have a bit of family nearby in New Jersey!

 Ha ha! This solemn little face is what we get most of the time for pictures. Oh Mya...

 We came back home, had dinner with our little family, and the girls had fun playing with their new toys. Most of these barbies are old, but Bryn got new barbie clothes from grandma, so this is the little fashion show of the new clothes.
 Christmas is such a fun time to be a parent. I loved seeing the sweet excitement in my girls all day- and all throughout the Christmas season. What a wonderful time of year to spend so much meaningful time as a family, celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ and trying to emulate his love and compassion in the way we serve those around us. I'm sad that Christmas is over, but excited for this new year ahead of us.

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