Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Family Sleepover

Josh suggested a new tradition this year: sleeping under the Christmas tree the weekend before Christmas. Tate and I actually sneaked upstairs and didn't sleep under the tree since he wasn't sleeping through the night at this point, but Josh and the girls had a fun sleepover and surprisingly the girls fell asleep without any trouble. (I thought they were going to get too silly!)
 I got the girls new matching pajamas for the sleepover and they were too giddy about them to smile for a regular picture. Silly girls :)
So cute!
We watched the old version of Rudolph the Reindeer - the one with the misfit toys and everything. I forgot how strange that movie is, ha ha!
Homemade cookies were required!
After the movie, the girls settled into their little spots and then it was bedtime!

 It was a really great night as a family! And three cheers for new Christmas traditions!

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