Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve pictures!
Above are new matching pajamas from my mom. The girls go nuts for matching clothes! 
 On Christmas Eve we got together with 5 families from church. It was such a fun night and we are so grateful for the wonderful new friends we're making in New Jersey. We had a delicious dinner, played games, made some music on the chimes, and reenacted the nativity as we read the verses in the Bible.
 Bryn was an angel and Mya was a unicorn. (There was a unicorn in the stable, right??)
Bryn was overboard with her theatrics. She took her role very seriously and was cracking us up with her dramatic arm movements.
Tate was the perfect little baby Jesus! Mya ditched her unicorn costume and just wanted to cover Tate with kisses and aggressive cuddles.

These cute girls were completely giddy when we got home. It was so sweet to hear their conversations in bed as they talked excitedly about Christmas and sang Christmas songs together before falling asleep. Having kids is the best :) 

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