Sunday, August 17, 2014

Utah: Mom's 50th

My beautiful mama turned 50 while I was in Utah and it was so fun to celebrate as a family. My mom is truly the best!
 So fun to be with my mom and sister Marie! Marie scanned tons of old pictures of my mom and we put together a book for my mom with notes from my siblings and dad with 50 of our favorite memories and lessons we've learned from mom. It was fun surprise her with the book :)
On the night of her birthday we got a sitter for the girls and my nephew and we had a wonderful child-free dinner at Cheesecake Factory. 

 (My picture of Jae and Amy at dinner was blurry...oops!)
 We hadn't all been together since 2012, so it was the best to have a fun night with everyone in town at the same time. My family is the best!
(This was also the night Marie announced her pregnancy with baby #2! She's due just a couple months after me and I'm so thrilled our little babies will be so close in age!)

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