Monday, August 18, 2014

Utah: June

Most of our time in Utah was really low key, just hanging out at my parent's house... which is exactly what we needed after a crazy few months of graduation, morning sickness, packing up our house and moving to New Jersey. Josh had a scary health issue arise the day of our move and the doctors he saw in New Jersey didn't clear him to fly to Utah yet. I ended up flying to Utah with the girls on my own while Josh finished a few more days of IV treatments and then joined us in Utah. It was a crazy time!
Anyway, here are a few pictures from our first week or so in Utah...
 Brynlee's first prerogative in Utah was pulling out the costume box.
 Last summer my mom and I had spend hours at the Parade of Homes, planning her kitchen renovation. I hadn't been home since any of the work had been done, so it was awesome to see how everything came together! My mom filled one of her kitchen drawers with art supplies and Brynlee certainly made good use of that! She spent a lot of time drawing at this counter and then taping up her pictures and notes all around the house.
 Tractor rides with my dad
 (I'm not sure why Bryn is wearing the Indonesian costume for the tractor ride, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.)
Playing in the doghouse/spacious clubhouse
 Reading with grandpa
 More costumes
 Bryn was concerned that we wouldn't really be celebrating the 4th of July since we'd be up the canyon at the Clarke reunion, so we decided to have a 4th of July dinner the week before. Bryn spent all afternoon making the place cards, decorating the cups, and setting this patriotic table :)
 Jumping on the tramp with cousin Braden 
Pool time
 Decorating cookies
Enjoying grandma's books
 Snacks on the deck
Josh finally made it to Utah- Woohoo!
My parents took us out to dinner to celebrate Josh's MBA graduation. We went to Texas Roadhouse and maybe it's just that I'm pregnant but I thought it was so good! 
 Pool time/Dance party
 Sprinklers on the tramp of my very favorite summer activities!
More Utah pictures to come :)

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