Sunday, August 17, 2014

Utah: Hawkins Get-Togethers

It's been nearly a month since we've been home from our Utah trip, so it's about time I update this little bloggity blog. We'll start with some pictures with Josh's fam...
Half of Josh's siblings live in Utah, so it was a treat to spend time with them while we were in Utah. I don't have pictures from all the Hawkins gatherings, but here are a few fun memories. Above is a Hawkins dinner at Cafe Rio, which is always a necessary destination while in Utah.
 Bryn was pretty thrilled about her ride in Jason's "rhino" with her cute cousins.
 Beautiful evening at the park with some of our favorite people!
 The kids (and Josh) had fun at the park :)
 Mya and I had fun getting to know my two-week-old nephew Winston. He and our baby boy are definitely going to be BFFs down the road.
 Josh with his siblings Jason, Jess, and Becky
 My girls are sure lucky to have such sweet cousins like Halle!
 Another day we had fun checking out Jess and Sterling's new house in Lehi and spending more time with the sweetest little baby around.
 Cousin time!

We had a play date at Becky's house and Bryn is still talking about her cousin Vela's fancy black car that "really drives!!"
 Lots of cute Hawkins cousins dressed as fairies for my cousin Harlow's darling birthday party.
Bryn walking the plank
We had a fun Family Home Evening with Brandon and Marilee's family at my parent's house.
Bryn and Maren were so cute playing badminton in the backyard. 

 Sarah was Mya's second mother while we were in Utah :)
 We had a fun Hawkins dinner at Jason and Brandi's house and Mya and Harlow enjoyed themselves on the tramp! Harlow is Josh's twin's daughter and she and Mya were born just a few days apart. It was so cute seeing them giggling and playing so well!
 I'm grateful to be a part of the Hawkins family and my kids are sure glad to have so many wonderful Hawkins cousins!

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