Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Pictures

 A few days after we got to Utah we had family pictures taken - our first time actually getting family pictures taken by a photographer! We were long overdue. 
The pictures were taken by the talented Christine Olsen (who took beautiful pictures of the girls last summer... HERE)
It wasn't ideal timing to take family pictures since we were all still a little worn out from the move, I was 20 weeks pregnant (that awkward stage where your stomach is nice and full, but not quite obvious to be a cute pregnant belly), and Mya was in a seriously grumpy mood.... we found out the next day that she had an ear infection. Poor girl! Her scowls in most of the pictures were totally warranted!
Christine was fabulous to work with once again, and I'm amazed that she even snagged a few pictures of Mya smiling!
Anyway, here are the pictures of my little family.... 

 We tried to take some pictures with just Bryn and Mya, but this was the best we got :) Bryn was trying hard to pose with her and be sweet, but Mya was not having it!

 Most of Bryn's pictures are dramatic poses and expressions like this little pose with the flower. I know I'm going to look back on these pictures and laugh at this funny stage. Unlike Mya, Bryn was totally on board for taking pictures but she just couldn't do a natural smile. She was coming up with all sorts of interesting smiles and poses :) Oh I love you, Bryn! 
I love this little crew so much and I can't wait to add another baby to the bunch in just three months!