Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 These pictures will probably be boring to anyone but me, but I need to document two of my favorite spots in my neighborhood that I am really going to miss when we move in three weeks!
First up, the Mink Brook Trail. The trail head is about a mile(?) from my doorstep on the way to Dartmouth. It's a really short trail, but it's getting so pretty as the trees are gradually getting more and more leaves. It's such a quiet, peaceful spot and it always makes me turn off my ipod and just think as I walk along the Mink Brook to where it connects with the Connecticut River. 

 This is the point where the trail overlooks the Connecticut River if you look through the trees.
Spot #2 is the trail that leads from the graduate student housing (Sachem Village) up to Boston Lot Lake. I have hiked this trail probably 40-50 times in the past two years but right now is the prettiest I've ever seen it! The trees are bursting with bright green leaves and the ground is covered in ferns. (I didn't edit the color in any of these pics, the green is unreal). 

I live in a beautiful place! 
New Hampshire winters are so long and wet, but that makes for some pretty gorgeous and green spring months!