Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Josh's New Job

 Well, it's official: Josh will be working for PIMCO in NYC starting in July. This is a picture from Time Square during our last trip to NYC, but when we took this picture we had no idea Josh would be working here six months later! His office will be on Broadway just up from Time Square.
The job hunt was actually quite a stressful time. It was a huge weight on our shoulders for several months, so it's such a blessing to have a good job and know where we'll be headed. Many of Josh's classmates knew where they were headed way back in September, so it was really hard waiting and waiting and waiting. Josh was pretty selective in where he wanted to work, so he just applied to two companies and both companies didn't do their hiring til March/April. Long story short, after several really stressful, difficult months Josh ended up getting offers from both companies, so then we had the tricky decision of deciding between a great job in Scottsdale, AZ or a great job in NYC. We had planned on moving back out west somewhere, but when it came down to it we felt really good about this job in NYC. And we are getting more and more excited about it as it gets closer! We'll be living in New Jersey in the same area as Josh's brother Jake and his family and my cousin Cara and her family, so we are so thrilled about it! I can't wait to be so close to family and to live in such a cool area. Mostly, I am just so grateful that prayers were answered and that Josh ended up with an awesome job. Things always work out in the end...I'm learning that lesson again and again!
One of the cutest parts of the job hunt was all of Bryn's sweet prayers and the countless notes of encouragement she wrote to Josh. The note above is one that she wrote when Josh was down in NYC for one of the rounds of interviews. "Dear Dad, good luck. I love you more than ever. I hope that your interview went well. Love, Bryn" And the picture is of Bryn thinking about Josh :)

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