Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nathan's Garden

 A few nights ago we finally checked out Nathan's Garden in Hanover. My friend pointed it out to me a few months ago as we were walking past it and I'd been wanting to go back with my family once it warmed up. It finally warmed up and I'm so glad we checked it out because it was such a peaceful and beautiful spot to spend the evening. We walked to a pizza place in town and then took our dinner to Nathan's Garden where we ate and spent an hour relaxing.
 The story of Nathan's Garden is really neat. In 1991 Nathan Hill passed away at 20 years old and as a memorial his family turned a portion of their property into this beautiful garden sanctuary for others to enjoy. It is right in Hanover near Dartmouth and downtown, but it's really tucked away and quiet. It really is a beautiful place and such a special way to honor a deceased family member. We talked to Bryn about the history behind Nathan's Garden and she wrote Nathan a sweet note in the notebook in the gazebo, thanking him for letting her play in his pretty backyard. 

 Mya threw a royal fit when we had to leave, but we'll definitely be back soon!

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