Monday, May 12, 2014


 April was a great month! We had a bit of snow, but it warmed up and finally started feeling like spring. We spent lots of time reading on the porch, riding bikes, drawing with chalk, and finding excuses to be outside. Here are a few random highlights from the month...
We discovered a new way to keep Mya busy - using her chubby little fingers to thread bead onto pipe cleaner.
 I went to a fun Great Gatsby themed ball at the Hanover Inn with a few of my wonderful friends. Fun night!
One one particularly chilly day Bryn had had enough and (literally) packed her bags for California, changed into a swimsuit, and made herself a one way ticket to California.
(It says "Jet Blue. From NH To Calidornia. At 15 am. Brynlee Hawkins")
 Mya spent a lot of time in buckets this month.
 Josh spent a lot lot lot of time interviewing and going back and forth to NYC in April, so that meant I had a lot of quiet nights to paint. I've been having a fun time painting over old painting and turning them into landscapes mostly. None of the paintings are finished and I don't know what I'm going to do with them but it's been fun playing around.
 Bryn finished reading all the books in the A-Z Mysteries series. The books are about 85 pages each and she would knock them out in two hours. It was awesome to find her reading all over the house, in the strangest places. She even got in trouble for sneaking out of her bed multiple times and secretly reading her A-Z Mysteries books in the bathroom late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. Josh and I scolded her but got such a kick out of it! Now she's trying to find a new chapter book series to read- any suggestions are welcome!
 Bryn made this cow costume all on her own and then tried to convince me to take her to Chick Fil A. (She remembered dressing up as a cow in California for a Chick Fil A day a long time ago). Unfortunately, we live out in the boonies and the nearest Chick Fil A is probably 2 hours away so her plan got vetoed. But not until I snapped a picture of her moo-ing :) 
 Hooray for park days!
 The first caterpillar catch of the season. Unfortunately, it snowed the day after we caught this little fella and he froze solid in his cage on the porch. Oops!
S'mores night with some of our neighbors. We may or may not have burnt up half of our neighbor's lawn, but the yummy s'mores were worth it!
 Mya's new favorite "trick" is to peek around any pole or tree she finds, then she announces "Look Mom. Mya peek." It's so cute.
 Breakfast at Lou's with some of our very favorite people! It was so fun to see the Laytons after nearly a year of missing them!
Date night to the Boston Temple. We've been doing a monthly babysitting swap with our friends and it's been so wonderful to get a fun date night each month to do dinner and a temple session in Boston. 
- - - 
And that concludes April with the Hawkins family!

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