Sunday, July 22, 2012

Three Cheers for Jae

We've had lots of visitors lately! Last week we had my older brother Jae stay with us and it was so fun to have him stay with us for a bit!
 This is right when he arrived, meeting his new niece. Mya's staring him down, trying to figure out if she can trust a man with a mustache. I was wondering the same thing. 
 When Jae came to visit at Thanksgiving he brought his recorder (elementary school style). When we saw him at Christmas he had his banjo. This time he brought his....portable piano?? He and Bryn got their instruments out, their shades on, pulled up youtube, and played along to classics like "Call Me, Maybe".
 Mya slept right through the band practice. 
Look at those thunder thighs! 
 One of the days when (I remembered my camera) we went to the Great Park in Irvine
 Our plan was to ride the hot air balloon, but it was about 1000 degrees outside and we couldn't bare the heat, so we took a few spins around the free carousel and then took off!
 Bryn's red face and blank stare says it all....too HOT to function.
We headed to the Spectrum in Irvine and Jae read book after book to Bryn in Barnes and Noble. 
 Jae introduced us to toasted marshmallow shakes....Yum!
You toast the marshmallows under the broiler, add vanilla ice cream and milk, and then blend it all up.
 So, so good!
(This was about the 5th dessert of the week. I'm obviously not starting my post-baby "diet" yet! Ha!)
Jae's girlfriend was in Newport Beach for the week, so it was also fun meeting up with her a few times!
Bryn was in heaven with all the attention from Jae and Amy. She was crying so hard when he left for the airport! And so was Josh! Just kidding...but maybe?
Thanks for coming Jae!


Karen said...

Way to go, Mya (and Mom for helping of course) for those thunder thighs! Can I squish them?! Looks like a really fun week. It's fun to see how Bryn LOVES her extended family time. What a good thing. Amy looks like she matches your family, you know, like she could be your sister?!:) said...

cute cute ;) um...Jae must be a genius...toasted marshmellow anything is great in my book. we'll have to try them!