Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our first week with Mya

 Josh is such a good Dad! I love seeing him hold Mya!
 Bryn is figuring things out. She was a little hyper and silly the first few days, but now she is back in her regular routine and is generally really sweet with Mya. It's so cute to hear her talk to Mya and get her blankies and things. I can't wait for these two to be good friends!

 This dress is too big, but she wore it for a few minutes on Sunday to celebrate her first Sunday :)
 I love this little face!
Mya has been a great sleeper and only eats every 4-5 hours at night...I think she's got milk stored up in those chubby cheeks! 
 Mya has loved her sponge baths and Bryn totally loves being involved. Her favorite part is the "slicking" job, where she can shampoo Mya's hair and "slick: it from side to side. 
 My mom was here for the first little bit, and was so so so helpful with entertaining Bryn, doing housework, making delicious meals, and helping me feel confident as a new mama of two! 
 Reading time with the two girls
I love this little girl!
My mom's birthday was on Monday, so we ventured out of the house and had a fun lunch to celebrate. She left for Utah that evening and there were definitely a lot of tears shed! Oh man. Bryn and I were crying with my mom, but luckily Josh (and Mya) held it together and passed out the kleenex. We have survived two days without her here, and I think we're getting the hang of our new little life as a family of four! 


Richins Family said...

Congratulations!!! Baby Mya is so beautiful and you look amazing. We are so happy for you and wish we were closer so we could bring you dinner and take Brynlee for a playdate. Congratulations again and the best of luck adjusting to two sweet girls!!

Alli said...

Oh my goodness, I knew you were due in July but for some reason this really surprised me! Congratulations!! I love her hair and her name.